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Production Technology Consultants Group, Inc. (PTC Group, Inc.), located just outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is comprised of engineers and designers who specialize in planning and implementation in the areas of acoustics, sound systems, theatrical lighting, theatrical rigging, and video systems, coupled with venue planning. We work with a wide range of performance venues, such as performing arts centers, theme parks, churches, sports facilities, and much more. No matter what the scale, all production facilities have similar needs.

The pledge of PTC Group, Inc. is to listen to your needs and translate them into a design that accommodates your budget and exceeds your expectations. We accomplish this by truly listening to what you want and translating these ideas into a viable product. Our commitment to listening to our clients has resulted in a high degree of customer satisfaction. We work directly with clients and architects to define their goals for the facility and then design spaces that perform well, both acoustically and technically.

While other companies might sell you equipment and then try to make it work, we design the system first in order to select the correct equipment to get the job done. In this way, you can make the correct purchase the first time. With the constant expansion of technology in the field, our dedicated staff strives to keep up with the latest advancements. More importantly, an installation must leave room for the technology of tomorrow. That is why we are dedicated to knowing not only what is out there now, but also knowing what might be available in the future. We design systems that will last yet that can be ready to incorporate the technological improvements of tomorrow.

PTC Group, Inc. believes that consulting does not end when the design is complete. We can also provide construction administration to ensure the proper installation of equipment for use in your facility. Creating a design is not enough. The design must be implemented accurately in order to honor its true intention. Only then does the design truly have meaning.

The engineers and designers of PTC Group, Inc. give our clients the confidence to develop their vision. Our toolbox is very broad and may include technical, organizational or architectural recommendations. We devote ourselves to getting the job done and to meeting your goals. We understand what it takes to put on a show, and we will be with you all the way. We create the type of relationships that last beyond the completion of the project. We are not satisfied until you are satisfied.